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Java, in the days before Rifts, was the most populated island in Indonesia and had the highest population density in the world.  Over 200 million called the island home, which had a total surface area less than the U.S. state of Tennessee.  Overpopulation was a common and persistent problem on Java, and had resulted in the destruction of many indigineous life forms and plant life.  Plans were being considered to relocate people to other, less populated islands en masse when the Rifts struck.

Java, geographically, has it's share of diversity.  Several volcanos dot the island and spewed their fiery wrath and covered the island in soot and ash.  There are also steamy jungles and dry plains, and the ruins of the many cities are still prevalent.   Many monsters roam the island, along with Dltni's robot minions and those who oppose his reign of destruction.