Jakarta, Mother City
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     Jakarta, in the time before Rifts, was one of the largest cities in the world and the capital of Indonesia.  Home to over 40 million people, Jakarta was a cultural mecca, home to thousands of different zoos, auditoriums, arenas, shops, and entertainment facilities.   The city was a bustling metropolis and bore a more modern look than was typical for Indonesia, which generally preferred a more Animistic and simplistic lifestyle.
     The Great Cataclym was definitely unforgiving to the great city.  The tsunamis, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions levelled the city, killing millions.  With the capital in ruins, the people without communication, and the infrastructure in shambles, the great city of Jakarta was reduced to a ghost town of transient visitors and inhuman monostosities.
    The once great buildings became death traps for those brave enough to enter the ruined city.  Boogie-Men, Kelpie, Kumo, and other vermin preyed upon those who entered the buildings.  Currently, only about 10% of the buildings remain standing, and they could fall at any time.
    There are only two forces currently having a presence in Jakarta.   One is Dltni.  The Machine Intelligence is sitting on the only ley line nexus in West Java, and drawing the magic for his terrible mechinations.  The other is Sen, the Tireless Warrior.  This incredible being has managed to survive in Dltni's own backyard for several years now!  Even the boogie-men and Kumo have left as Dltni spares no living creature in his insane bid, with the rare exception of the Demon Borgs, of which Hatemonger is trying to ferret out and destroy Sen.
    No town description, places of note, or key NPC's are given, as there IS no place to visit in Jakarta.  There are no businesses left, no cultural facilities, nothing.  Just the ruins and one freedom fighter, and one inhuman menace to all life.