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    Dltni is the mysterious Machine Intelligence that's currently plauging Sumatra and Java. This mysterious and bizarre force is an enigma to all those who are stuck in lethal combat with this being. What is known is that it's an otherworldly being who does not seem to communicate with other life forms and seeks the destruction of all life in the Universe. The motives, motivation, goals, and ideals of this being are unknown.
    What IS known about Dltni is that his robotic minions are ruthless, deadly, and seemingly unstoppable. To make matters worse, the robots are seemingly made of mystic energy, and can actually cast magic spells! And their weapons are also mystic weapons, giving the damnable machines few vulnerabilies. Something the Alliance is quickly learning.

Dltni, Machine Intelligence

Alignment: Diabolic
Attributes: I.Q. 24, M.E. 28, M.A. 3, all others not applicable
M.D.C.: 110,000!

Horror Factor: 18
P.P.E.: 68,000(very special)!!!
Natural Abilities: Create Demon Robots (see below), Create Demon Borgs (see below as well), Bio-Regenerate 1D6x100 M.D.C. per minute, Regenerates 100 P.P.E. per hour normally, or 400 P.P.E. per hour on a Ley Line or Nexus, See Invisible, See Aura, Toxify Earth, Air, and Water (yet again, see below), Familiar Link With Robots, Possess Robots (as below), and can cast all magic at 10 times normal range, duration, and damage per spell.  Impervious to poison, toxins, drugs, chemicals, disease, possession, mind control and illusions.
Vulnerability: Fire does double damage, and psionics do full damage.   M.D.C. weapons do normal damage.
Special Abilies Exclusive to the Machine Intelligence:
1. Create Demon Robots: by expending 1000 P.P.E. Dltni can churn out most of his robot creations after a 4 hour construction period. Only the Gigantic Smasher and Aggressor types are more demanding: Requires 1500 P.P.E. and a 6 hour creation period. The robot vehicles, weapons, and equipment generally requires no P.P.E. and vary in creation time. Note that Dltni is active 24 hours a day, and thus usually produces 4-6 robots per bay, per day, for a total production of 40-60. The P.P.E. is usually very taxing, but by sitting on a Ley Line Nexus is allows him to draw the energy from the mystic energy point, plus his own P.P.E. regenerates super fast.
2. Create Demon Robot: This is done very very rarely, and is usually done by Dltni when he feels that doing so will help him in the elimination of life at a quicker pace. He usually chooses supernatural beings, and they actually retain all of their original abilities, and in some cases, gain some new abilities. Items, abilities, M.D.C., and other factors vary widely on these special supernatural borgs. Currently Dltni has only four Demon Borgs: Hatemonger, Sorrow, Warhorse, and HorrorBorg.
3. Toxify Earth, Air, and Water: The creation of his robotic legion has a devastating effect on the environment as he draws magical energy not only from himself and the ley line nexus, but from the very environment around him, not to mention the raw resources in the land as well. This causes trees and plants to wither and die, the air to become rancid and the water to become poisoned and despoiled. Even parasites and diseases will not able to survive in Dltni's infected scope!
    If someone drinks water Dltni has poisoned, they must make a save versus lethal poison or suffer 2D6x10 damage direct to hit points (or 1D6 x 10 M.D.C.) and be wracked with pain their abdomen that's excrutiating (can do little more than roll on the ground clutching stomache area); one attack, no bonuses, and is -4 on all combat actions! The character is also -8 to save versus further poison or chemicals. The penalties last 1D4+2 hours, after which the character will be able to move and function normally, but will still feel pretty awful. Eating Dltni contaminated food will have the same effects but will also result in painful diarrhea that will paralyze the character for 1D6 minutes at a time. The diarrhea attacks will occur every 3D6 minutes for a period of 1D4 hours.
    If someone breathes Dltni contaminated air they will choke and cough, suffering minus 2 to strike, parry, dodge, and roll, -1 to attack, and will be distracted by the putrid odor and stench unless a save versus non-lethal poison is made. Staying in Dltni-contaminated air for longer than 1D6 hours will result in the penalties listed under drinking water.
4. Possess Robots: this is an ability he usually confers to one robot type, the scrambler but he can do it to any robot that touches his physical body. He is able to reprogram the robot and instantly knows all there is about the construction of the robot, how it works, and gains images of how the robot was built and the construction techniques involved. He can do similar things to robot vehicles, weapons, and power armor, but can not reprogram them.

Psionics: None
Magic:  Knows all Ley Line Walker Spells from levels 1-15 (including those in Federation of Magic) and all Fire Warlock spells.
Combat:  Has no hand to hand combat abilities, but can command his huge army of robots (can give at least 1000 commands per melee) and can cast 8 spells per melee himself if he desires.  No combat bonuses.
Description: Physically, Dltni appears like a huge factory, with giant smokestacks spewing toxic black smoke high into the atmosphere, metallic body with pipes and circuits all around him, and several different ramps and release valves on his body, from which he expels the different robots he creates. The land and water are also filled with his unearthly tendrils, which sink deep into the ground and suck the nutrients and minerals from the land, causing the land to decay and die, and the water to become toxic and polluted. Unless he is stopped, this degredation of nature will continue until he toxifies the entire world.