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    The Alliance is the name for the group of beings who are fighting Dltni in Java. These beings are fighting a tireless battle against difficult odds but continue to fight. These freedom fighters are quite the collection of beings; humans, dragons, Sowki, Azverkan, Titans, True Atlanteans, Ki-Lin, and many other diverse beings who are dedicated to the destruction of Dltni.
    Currently, the Alliance is centered around Borobudur, the powerful Ley Line Nexus in central Java. From there, they perform their strategic strikes against Dltni hoping to drive his forces back and eventually wipe him out. However, it has been a long difficult battle that has resulted in the Alliance being overwhelmed by the deadly robots and sizzling energy weapons of the robotic minions of Dltni. However, they continue to persevere, hoping to some day rid Indonesia of this great danger.
    The current plans for the Alliance is to liberate one villiage at a time, and they usually leave behind one fighter to help make sure the villiage rebounds and to help in the rebuild stages. Although a number of powerful races are in the Alliance, they still get overwhelmed by the magic and technology weilded by Dltni's robot minions. Thus, they will lose villiages and towns, and this hurts the Alliance greatly.
    The Alliance is currently lead by a True Atlantean Temporal Warrior named Blaike Temple, who is all too aware of the huge task at hand. However, he steadfast in his resolve to see this task to completion. He is aided by his Titan friend Yarwin, Erim a Seraph, Timun a Ki-Lin, and Dotan a Kukulcan. Together, they formulate plans and strategies and do their best to carry them out.
    Yarwin is in charge of executing battle strategies and usually does it through examples. Yarwin has proven himself in battle several times and has destroyed approximately a dozen of Dltni's robots but was nearly killed during an encounter with the monstrous HorrorBorg. Both of them still remember the encounter and are awaiting a rematch.
    Erim is both a fighter and a healer, and as such she takes care of the wounded on the front lines and helps the forces if they get overwhelmed and gives the retreating soldiers some time. She is selfless in battle and has nearly been killed several times. She has saved countless lives in the conflict but Blaike worries that she may wind up dead if she doesn't take more care of herself.
    Timun is a Ki-Lin who has lived in Indonesia for most of his life, and as such knows the land like no one else. Thus he leads special missions to destroy convoys, sets traps, and performs other special missions for Blaike. His missions are always dangerous although he usually is able to pull them off without too much trouble. His knowledge of Dltni's troop movements is invaluable information to the Alliance.
    Dotan the Kulkucan is another frontline warrior, although he usually takes to the skies. Flight is one area the Alliance is usually woefully inadequate in, and Dotan gives them some support in that area. Dotan fights diligently but theres usually too much for him to deal with. Although powerful, fighting several dozen of Dltni's robots at once can even wear down someone of his power.
    Some other key individuals in the Alliance include: Broken Dream, an Elven T-Woman; Krelluk, a Sowki; San Grens, Human Dukun; and Violet, a Dolphin Pneuma-Biform.