Loro Kidul, Goddess of the Southern Seas
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Water Nymph R.C.C.

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    Loro Kidul was one of the most widely worshipped of the old goddesses of Indonesia. Even when most of the country was converted to Muslim, Loro Kidul remained widely worshipped; consequently, when the Great Cataclysm occured, she felt it immediately, and has been active on the planet since then, do to her great kinship with the country.
    Loro Kidul has metamorphosis abilities, but mostly appears at an attractive, middle-aged Oriental woman. She usually helps from afar, offering her help through visions, dreams, and granting of special abilities to those who she takes a liking to. She usually takes a liking to warriors who do their best to help the environment, and pays the due respect to the creatures of the ocean.
    Unlike many water goddesses, she spends most of her time on land, in her palace. Her palace is right in the line of fire of the insane Machine Intelligence, and Dltni has paid no respect to the goddess, and his minions are doing their best to destroy her, her champions, and her minion race, the water nymphs. This is a battle that is currently going badly for the goddess, who is desperately trying to turn the tide.
    Loro Kidul doesn't associate with any of her old Indonesian diefic compatriots. Since all but her and Harimau lost all worship, they all left and forgot Indonesia in search of more receptive worshippers. Loro Kidul and Harimau haven't had a word with each other for 450 years.

Real Name: Loro Kidul
Alignment: Unprincipled
M.D.C.: 16,000 (4000 on Rifts Earth)
S.D.C./Hit Points (in non-MDC worlds): 1200 S.D.C. and 900 hit points.
Height: varies with form; 5'1" in human form.
Weight: varies with form; 93 pounds in human form.
Attributes: I.Q. 21, M.E. 19, M.A. 22, P.S. 32(supernatural), P.P. 20, P.E. 23, P.B. 26, Spd. 45.
Disposition: fairly mild-tempered for a goddess, but can be stern and powerfully volatile when she has to be. She hates despoilers of the environment more than anyone, and regards Dltni as the greatest despoiler of all. She also has a slightly lusty side to her, and will do her best to gain the affection of powerful and heroic warriors, and will try to entice them into marriage with her. However, this may sound like a good deal (gaining the affections of a goddess) but usually results in the death of the man! The reasons for this will be explained at a later date.
Horror Factor: 13
Experience Level: 14th level water warlock and wizard, 12th level Silat Sylist.
Natural Abilities: Nightvision 200 feet (61m), see the invisible, turn invisible, invulnerable to fire, heat, cold, and ocean depths. Bio-Regenerates 1D6 x 100 M.D.C. per minute. Teleport 65%, Dimensional Teleport 45% (only to places known by the goddess, which aren't many). Can create the following effects at no P.P.E. cost (effectively unlimited duration and effects, no limit the number of times per day each can be done): Create Water, Purify Water, and Communicate With Sea Creatures.  Can instantly summon 2D6 water nymphs or minor water elementals 3 times per 24 hours.
Skills of Note: All sea skills at 98%, Speaks English and Indonesian at 98%. Navigation at 88% and Dance at 70%.
Combat Skills: Hand to Hand: Silat
Number of Attacks: 7 attacks per melee, or 3 by magic.
Damage: 4D6+18 S.D.C. restrained punch, 4D6 M.D. full strength punch, 1D4 x 10 M.D. power punch (counts as two attacks).
Bonuses: +7 to save versus horror factor, +4 to initiative, +5 to strike, +8 to parry and dodge, +3 to pull and roll, +5 to save versus magic and psionics. Impervious to poisons, drugs, and all forms of mind control.
Magic Knowledge: all wizard magic levels 1-13 and resurrection, restoration, and all water warlock spells. P.P.E. 5500.
Psionic Knowledge: All minor sensitive powers. I.S.P. is 340
Allies: None, other than her minions and champions.
Minions: the race known as the Water Nymphs.  She can also command water elementals.
Enemies: Many, but currently is Dltni, the Machine Intelligence.
Description: usually takes the form of an attractive middle-aged Oriental woman of fair complexion. She is usually soft-spoken and acts the part of the fragile female very well.
Weapons and Equipment: Has a powerful Kris dagger called Scales on her person (and can draw it's magic and use it very well).