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  Conflict Zone
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     The Conflict Zone is the main combat are that's occuring between Dltni and the Alliance.  Dozens of villiages have been wiped out, and  the Alliance is being slowly forced back to their home base of Borobudur.   Dltni's robotic legion, led by his Mobile Bases, are penetrating the defences of the Alliance as they push on, and the Alliance is desperate to halt the advances. 

     Lately however, the Alliance has gotten a rest as Dltni's forces have become focused on their other fronts, and have eased up on the Alliance.  Still, it's a tough situation, as the Alliance not only has to deal with the minions of Dltni, but also monsters who will prey on the weakened human villiagers, natural disasters, parasites and plauges, as well as helping the villiagers get back to  being self-sufficient; with food growing and defence, shelter construction, and a ton of other non-combat related missions.

    However, the fighting is still strong, even if it has eased up a bit.  The three parallel ley lines allow for some enhancement for the magic users, but also draw creatures of magic  to them, plus Dltni's robots can also feed on the magic energy, so the ley lines are among the most dangerous places to be.  In particular, a huge mystic battle is taking place between Dltni and Seltric, the Stone Master in charge of Borobudur.