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  Map of Rifts Indonesia
Back to Main Here is the basic map of Rifts Indonesia, after the Great Cataclysm.  As you can see, many of the islands are much smaller than their pre-Rifts days with the exception of Sulawesi, which hasn't changed (read the section on that island for reasons why that is so).

Here is a map of all the major groups and where they are located in proximity to each other.  The areas in white are effectively uncontrolled areas with no major group or beings claiming the area.  The following is a breakdown of who is where:

Gold -- the island kingdom of Inferno on the new island of Pontianak

Red -- this area is claimed by a faction of the Cult of the Deep

Grey -- the main hunting grounds of the Dayaks and also a new home for the Grimbor.

Purple -- the infamous Spider Kingdoms are based here, and they are coming into conflict with the Machine Intelligence

Blue -- the main area of influence of Dltni, the Machine Intelligence.  

Green -- the land currently controlled by the Alliance, the group who is trying to prevent Dltni from destroying all life on Earth.

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