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Life in the Rainforest

Cult of the Deep

Slave Raids

Travelling Through the Rainforest


The Dayaks

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    Borneo, in pre-Rifts times, was one of the most mysterious wildernesses in the world. The third largest island in the world, it was shared by three nations: Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia. The Indonesian portion was named Kalimantan, and was a mostly unexplored rainforest with a very small population density, especially next to Java. Terraforming efforts were largely unsuccessful, as most of the natives tended to resist the modernization methods that were taking place at the time. Thus, the native inhabitants were still in touch with nature and mysticism much more than the modern people in Jakarta.
    The Coming of the Rifts saw many changes to the large island. The tsunamis and rising waters ripped apart the small northwest corner into the seperate island of Pontianak, and the southern lowland marshes were overcome with the rising sea level, as a result of the reappearance of Atlantis. Ley lines ripped to life, although the island was comparatively sparsely populated with ley lines, compared to several of its neighbouring islands. The island which had been home to several strange creatures, again was alive with life, although much of it was otherdimensional in nature. Chimeras, Meleches, and Manticores prowled the thick jungle environment along with the native Dayaks, Were-Tigers, and the other creatures less suitable to surviving in the hot and humid jungle.
    One creature which has managed to survive and thrive in the jungle is the mighty Grimbor. This ape-like creature was a native to the Palladium World, where they were being hunted to extinction by merciless slavers. On the island on Borneo, they have been able to hide and multiply themselves and use their phenominal strength to their advantage. They have also befriended the Dayaks, the native people of the deep central interior, who were comparatively unscathed through the entire global disaster. The Dayaks respect the Grimbor as creatures of the Earth and leave them alone and in fact, against common enemies, such as Death Weavers and Pontianak, they will come to each others aid. This mutual respect is a new and strange experience to the Grimbor, who are used to nothing but cruelty and violence from human beings.
    The Dayaks inhibit the central interior if the island. Much of this area is still largely unexplored although there are more frequent excursions by supernatural predators into the area. One thing thats happening that the Dayaks are none too happy about is the long-range slaving raids being perpetrated by the Dark Slaving Alliance based out of Pontianak. This group leads long raids deep into the heart of the jungle in hopes of capturing some special specimens for use in the Atlantis arenas. Small tribes of Adarok, Were-Tigers, Dayaks, and Grimbor have all been victimized and are very wary of this slaving group.