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  Tujul -- Familiar Spirits
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    Tujul are rather notorious Spirits. For one, they are usually in the employ of Spiritualists and are skilled as thieves, and use their skills for unscrupulous employers. Like many Indonesian spirits, they usually appear as young children, although they can take on the form of small animals and can scurry around unnoticed. They can also assume their natural form and are very adept as thieves.
    Tujul usually enjoy their roles as thieves and gladly work for the Spiritualists who employ them. They are termed "familiar spirits" because they are the only spirit that can become a familiar! They will only become familiars to Spiritualists and the abilities function exactly like those of the Familiar spell, including the ability for the Spiritualist to see through the eyes of the Spirit (very useful in pointing out exactly what the Spiritualist wants stolen, as the Spirit will not be able to follow complex instructions).
    Most people see Tujul to be the trouble they are. They can usually mask their abilities and thieving nature by appearing as Gendrunos and will usually escape question, as the number of Spirits in Indonesia has increased and are generally accepted as being as much a part of Indonesia as human life.

Alignment: Usually Selfish or Evil
M.D.C.: 2D4x10+20
Horror Factor: 12, P.P.E. 1D4x10+50
Attributes: Like most energy beings, they generally don't possess attributes in energy form. However, the following apply when in a physical manifestation: I.Q. 2D6+6 (sneaky and quick witted), M.E. 4D6, M.A. 3D6, P.S. 3D6, P.P. 4D6, P.E. 4D6, P.B. 4D6, Spd. 4D6.
Natural Abilities: Naturally etheral, intangible, invisible, and untouchable as energy beings. Tujul are vulnerable in physical form; however, in energy form they are immune to all attacks except Spirit Magic, due to the fact that they are effectively in another dimension, even though thay may be visible to someone who can see the invisible!
Combat: 4 attacks per melee. Bonuses: +2 to strike and dodge, +4 to initiative, +3 to save versus magic. Note that they are impervious to mind control, possession, horror factor and illusions.
Damage: by psionics or M.D. weapons
Magic: None
Psionics: Empathy, Empathic Transmission, Sense Magic, Sense Evil, Telepathy, Bio-Manipulation, Telekinesis, Levitation, Presense Sense and See Aura. I.S.P.: 5D6 x 10.
OCC and Skills: OCC is effectively a thief, and possesses prowl(+15%), climb, detect ambush, detect concealment, concealment (+15%), escape artist, pick pockets(+20%), pick locks(+25%), palming(+10%), streetwise, and technical skills (except hacking) at 5th level with bonuses as listed.
Habitat: Anywhere in Indonesia
Enemies: None per se
Allies: None per se
Size: a vaguely humanoid figure in it's natural environment in the Spirit Realm, and takes on the body of a human child or adult in the World of Men.
Weight: none in energy form, standard human weight when in physical manifestation.