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Spider Kingdoms

Ley Lines of Sumatra


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In the days before Rifts, Sumatra was the sixth largest island in the world and one of the most undeveloped locations on Earth.  Many different life forms, such as the famous Sumatran Tiger stalked the woods of this large island.  Due to the closeness to Java and the size, many people were moved here from the more crowded confines of Java.  Even with the relocations, much of Sumatra remained a wilderness and free from human civilization.   With the Coming of the Rifts and the Second Dark Age, much of the life which had existed previously in Sumatra once again flourished, although the presence of supernatural forces would soon be felt on the island, and especially in the form of one of the biggest concentrations of Death Weaver Spider Demons ever.  The grotesque spiders have a stranglehold on the west side of the island, while the left remains home to many fearsome predatory species, which ads to the fierceness of the island.