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  Robot Standard Abilities
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All of Dltni's Robots share the following capabilities/features:

1. Magic Powered: They have the equivalent of a Techno-Wizard power system, which gives them 8 years of life.
2. Link to Dltni: ALL of Dltni's Robots are linked to him; he can sense where they are, what's happening to them, and can direct any and all of the robots that he has made! However, he can only sense their visual/optic nerve functions and can not utilize the radar of the robots to direct troops.
2. Sense Magic and Psionics: they can sense magic and psionic energy within a two kilometer range of the robot.
3. Optic System: Each robot can see the invisible, see aura, presence sense, nightvision. The Range for these abilities are 2000 feet (610m) and are automatic, natural abilities. Duration is effectively infinite.
4. Radar: Can track and identify up to 20 targets simultaneously up to 5 kilometers away. Note that Dltni is only able to follow visual identification of a target, not the radar.
5. Combat Computer: Calculates and stores information for use during combat situations.
6. Targeting Computer: Assists in tracking and targeting of known opponents.
7. Laser and Mystic Targeting System: This is a special targeting system that uses divination as well as laser guidance to assist in the use of long-range weaponry. Provides a +3 to strike bonus in the use of energy weapons, missiles, and rail guns. Does not apply to hand to hand combat.
8. Impervious to all forms of radiation, natural heat and cold, and electronically shielded from magnetic and electronic effects (M.D.C. energy weapons have full effect).
9. Self-Destruct System: Dltni generally does not use a self-destruct system, but instead has an insidious infectious virus inside each robot, that attacks and infects all mechanical and electronic devices who are within 100 feet of the robot. The virus will allow Dltni to exert control over that machine/device, and often will lay dormant until the Machine Intelligence chooses to bring it to life, hopefully to kill all those in the area!
10. Spell Magic: Each robot will have a specific range of spellcasting abilities to it! Yes as unbelievable as it may sound Dltni has fused magic and technology together in a way that would make techno-wizards fascinated, were it not for the fact that Dltni was a murdering monster. Each spell functions like a natural magic ability that the robot just uses at will. Unless stated otherwise, all spells function like their wizard spell counterpart.