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  Production Notes
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    Dltni's production may not look that impressive, especially considering the forces that he is up against. However, even with a production of 40-60 to day, averaging 50 per day, he can create 350 robots per week, or 1400 per month! He's been in Jakarta for a few years, so he's had the time to create a legion of thousands upon thousands of robots, all loyal and all mechanically sound. Plus he has been able to make repair bases at various places around the land to help spread his legion like locusts across the land. Currently, his total forces include approximately 60,000 robots spread out amongst all of his fronts, with underseas taking approximately 18,000 robots, Sumatra home to 22,000 and Java 20,000. Plus the add-on modular attachments to his robots effectively doubles the deadliness of his forces, plus the add-on accessories can be made from his Mobile Bases.