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  Ley Lines of Pontianak
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The ley line nexus in the center of the island is the most powerful one of all and the home of the Burning Lair of Inferno.  Unlike most ley lines, the ones connected to this nexus burn with an unnatural fire, all the way to the ocean!  Even at night or when it's raining, the flames persist and are not quenched.   Steam radiates from these fiery lines during heavy monsoon rainfalls, which adds to the eerieness of the island and those on it.  The ley lines near the capital city of Pontianak however, do not radiate fire as they are not connected to the ley line nexus in the center of the island.   The fiery nature of the ley lines however do not extend past the shores of the island.  The exact reasons for this are unknown, and few are willing to seach for the answers to those questions