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Lelembut -- Possessing Spirits
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    The lelembut is the possessing spirit, and is one of the most dreaded spirits in all of Indonesia. Many are the stories of this cruel spirit who has caused sickness, suffering, and insanity in it's victims, and entire villiages have been ravaged by this monster.
    The lelembut may be similar to the Possessing Entity (see Rifts Conversion Book One) but does have it's own distinctions. For one, it does not convert PPE to ISP, and also possesses magic spell abilities. However, the two beings are similar in that they are extremely cruel, enjoy suffering and the misfortune they cause, and are very dangerous indeed.
    Lelembuts can be encountered anywhere; thankfully, they are relatively rare. They are the only Indonesian spirit who actively and purposely possesses the living and doesn't generate it's own body for a physical anchor, nor does it form benevolent unions with humans. There are only three O.C.C.'s capable of removing a lelembut from a possessed person; the Dukun, Spirit Psychic, and Spiritualist. In the case of the Spiritualist, it usually involves fighting with the creature in the Spirit Realm, an area where few humans dare to tread. The Dukun can remove Lelembuts with relative ease.

Alignment: Miscreant or Diabolic
M.D.C.: 2D6x10+10
Horror Factor: 16, P.P.E. 4D6x10+100
Attributes: Like most energy beings, they generally don't possess attributes in energy form. However, the following apply when in a physical manifestation (or when they possess someone; use these physical stats rather than the stats of the person possessed): I.Q. 3D6+8, M.E. 4D6+4, M.A. 4D6, P.S. 4D6+10, P.P. 4D6, P.E. 3D6+8, P.B. 2D6, Spd. 3D6+12.

Natural Abilities: Naturally etheral, intangible, invisible, and untouchable as energy beings. Lelembuts are only vulnerable to Spirit Magic due to the fact that they are effectively in another dimension, even though thay may be visible to someone who can see the invisible! When they possess a victim, they become vulnerable to psionic attacks and the special abilities of the Dukun, Spirit Psychic, and Spiritualist. Magically understands (but not speaks) all languages.
Combat: 6 attacks per melee or 4 by spell magic! Bonuses: +4 to initiative, cannot be attacked from behind/surprise, +3 to strike, parry, and dodge, Note that they are impervious to mind control, possession, poison, drugs, disease, horror factor or illusions
Damage: by psionics, magic or M.D. weapons.
Magic: Possesses the following spells: Armor of Ithan, Befuddle, Blind, Fire Ball, Compulsion, Hallucination, Fear, Horrific Illusion, Multiple Image, Minor Curse, Phobia Curse, Sickness, Mute, Negate Magic, Agony, Apparition, and Animate/Control Dead.
Psionics: Bio-Manipulation, Empathy, Empathic Transmission, Sense Magic, and See Aura, and Alter Aura. I.S.P.: 4D6 x 10.
OCC and Skills: OCC is effectively a vagabond; possesses prowl, swim, climb, detect ambush, detect concealment, and 3 technical skills (except hacking) at 4th level with no bonuses.
Habitat: Anywhere in Indonesia
Enemies: Most humans
Allies: none per se
Size: a small energy being in the Spirit World and possesses humans in the World of Men.
Weight: none in energy form, standard human weight when in physical manifestation.