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  History of the Machine Intelligence
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   The history of the Machine Intelligence can be traced back to another dimension, in a time when life was more and less advanced. You see, an Abberent Mechanoid Oracle (see Rifts Sourcebook 2 for more details) was escaping the destruction wraught by it's race on all life, and travelled and took refuge on a planet with a quiet race of magic users. The Oracle became fascinated with magic and took to taking experiments to blending magic, psionics, and technology in a way to help the race enter industralization without the pitfalls normally associated with industralization. The results of the Oracle's work was a prototype machine that was self-aware, would work to help all beings, and with P.P.E., a self-renewing resource as its power source, would be a clean and dependable worker and wouldn't damage the environment. The Oracle felt that this was his greatest achievement and was overjoyed with the success of this, which he dubbed D.L.T.N.I. (Dynamic Logical Thinking Neural Intelligence).
    Alas, this peaceful way of life would not last. For the Oracle was being chased, by a True Mechanoid Overlord (again, see Rifts Sourcebook 2) which when he found the planet and the Oracle, decided both must be destroyed. The Overlord commanded his fleet to lay waste to the planet, and the sight of so much death and destruction caused by its own psionic amplification, made the poor being go insane. The Overlord's powerful psionic nature filled the Machine Intelligence with images of violence and it snapped, deciding to kill ALL life, not just humanoids!
    The Mechanoid attack had an interesting side effect. With the destruction of billions of magic users, the mystic energy ripped through the planet, creating the effects identical to Rifts Earth, and the planet became ripped with Ley Line Storms, Dimensional Rifts, and savage natural disasters. The entire planet was in the throes of primordal chaos, and the Machine Intelligence became fused with the magical energy, and used that energy to become even more powerful. He literally fused with all the machine parts he came in contact with, drawing them into his body, getting larger, bigger, and even more capable. The Overlord, realizing that something was happening to his race, decided not to stick around, and left the race of people, Dltni, and the planet to it's fate.
    The people didn't have time to fear Dltni or anythign else, for they were wiped out of existence by this encounter. Dltni travelled through one of the Rifts after the Mechanoids left, insane, powerful, and with a desire to destroy all life. A horrific nightmare had been awakened.
    After destroying countless worlds of people, absorbing their machines, and using his own knowledge to make his Kill Legion, Dltni would suffer his first defeat; he made the mistake of travelling to a Splugorth controlled world; a world controlled by none other than Lord Splynncryth himself! The Lord of Atlantis had to divert a number of resources to purging his holding of the insane Machine Intelligence, and after a short but savagely intense battle, Dltni was forced from his outpost. Splynncryth became content that was the last he would ever see of Dltni.
    Approximately 450 years have passed since that encounter, and now Dltni is back. Lord Splynncryth is not aware it's the same being, yet, as Dltni has continued to mutate, but word is coming to Atlantis about a being sucking the life out of the land in Rifts Indonesia, and whose Kill Legion of Mystic Robots is laying waste to all life in the area. Soon, the past will catch up with Splynncryth; what he does next is anyones guess.