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  Erim, Seraph
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    Erim is a Spirit of Light and has been a champion of the forcesof light for centuries. She has fought alien intelligences, greater demons and their minions, for as long as she can remember. She believes Dltni is one of the greatest dangers she has ever seen, and will do her best to stop this being, even if it costs her her life.
    She has known Blaike for many years and has been part of his adventuring party for the past decade or so. Their relationship is purely plutonic, and based on helping as many beings as they can. When they arrived on Rifts Indonesia via a dimensional teleport, they knew that they were put on the planet to help the people, and they have been doing that since then.
    Erim is kind, merciful, and gets along well with all the other members of the Alliance, but feels tragic sympathy for the plight of Broken Dream, who is forced into a life she didn't want. Erim does her best to comfort the elf, but Broken Dream doesn't want help from anyone. All Broken Dream wants is to be left alone, and Erim is worried that she may do something reckless, in hopes of her suffering to finally end.
    Erim has been in a physical manifestation for many years, and has been allied longest with the Titan, Yarwin. Both have had extensive tours of the Megaverse, including the Palladium World and Dyval.

Alignment: Scrupulous
Attributes: I.Q. 12, M.E. 15, M.A. 18, P.S. 20, P.P. 17, P.E. 15, P.B. 25, Spd. 15, 90 flying
Experience Level: Equivalent to a 3rd level wizard/mind melter
M.D.C.: 250
Horror Factor: 7
P.P.E.: 200
Natural Abilities: Fly, exceptional vision, Nightvision 100 feet (30m), see the invisible, turn invisible at will, metamorphosis (can change physical appearance at will), turn 1D6 dead, bio-regeneration 2D6 M.D. per minute, impervious to fire including magic and plasma, and magically understands and speaks all languages, including elemental.
Combat: Four hand to hand or psionic attacks per melee, or 2 by magic.
Bonuses: +5 to save versus horror factor, +2 initiative, +5 to strike, +4 to parry and dodge, +2 to pull, +1 to roll, +2 on all other saving throws.
Damage: Restrained punch 2D6+5 S.D.C., 1D6 M.D. full strength punch, 2D6 M.D. power punch (counts as two attacks).
Elemental Magic: Fire elemental magic, levels one to eight. Equal to a 3rd level warlock. Plus the following spell magic: agony, words of truth, healing touch, exorcism, constrain being, banishment, and negate magic.
Psionics: All physical powers plus pyrokinesis, mind bolt, psi-sword, and psi-shield. I.S.P.: 100
R.C.C. Skills: Literate: English and Dragonese 98%, Basic and Advanced Math 98%, Demon and Monster Lore 98%, Fairie Lore 84%, Land Navigation 70%, Prowl 68%, Basic Radio 88%, W.P. Sword, W.P. Blunt, W.P. Chain, W.P. Dagger, W.P. Shield.
Weapons and Equipment: Tends to rely on natural abilities.