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  Blaike Temple
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    Blaike is the leader of the Alliance, the group fighting against Dltni, the Machine Intelligence in central Java. He is a worthly leader, who is compassionate, intelligent, resourceful, yet understanding of his troops vulnerabilities and weaknesses. He hates having to send people on doomed missions, yet feels compelled to do as much as he can to help the people of Java against the unholy destroyer they are up against.
    Blaike has a small but powerful group of allies at his side, including people he's been adventuring with for decades: Yarwin, Erim, Serrick, Broken Dream, and Yotam. So far, none of the group has died, but many of them have been badly injured in this conflict.
    In his own group, he feels closest to Erim and Serrick; both of whom he's known for about a decade. Serrick is in the same clan as he is and share that family kinship. Yarwin is his closest confident, and he admires the fighting ability of the Titan, who'd much rather not be involved in physical violence, but is forced to raise his sword to fight for the oppressed. Broken Dream is the member he's most concerned about, and does his best to help her deal with her dibilitating condition, and he feels nothing but hatred for the Splugorth that did this to her (it happened in Atlantis!).
    The war is taking it's toll on the True Atlantean. The price in lives wears heavy on his head, and even with the comforting words from Erim, Yarwin, and Serrick, he's starting to wonder if they are doomed against the relentlessness of the Machine Intelligence. Yarwin is quick to point out that the forces of Dltni have eased up, and is giving them an important opportunity to regroup themselves and prepare for a swift and deadly counterattack. Something that the Alliance is presently planning.

Alignment: Scrupulous
Attributes: I.Q. 13, M.E. 19, M.A. 13, P.S. 29, P.P. 12, P.E. 25, P.B. 16, Spd. 41
Experience Level: 8th True Atlantean Temporal Warrior
Hit Points: 49, S.D.C.: 149
Horror Factor: 10
P.P.E.: 200
Natural Abilities: Cannot be physically transformed by any means, continue to grow as adults, Sense vampires and vampire intelligences within 1000 ft (305m) radius but cannot poinpoint exact source, recognize vampire by appearance 80%, Operate dimensional pyramid 70%, Sense ley lines within 80 mile radius, locate ley line 70%, sense ley line nexus 80%, Sense Rift 120 miles, ley line phasing (same as Ley Line Walker).
1.  Sword Crossed With Battle Axe (+1 strike/+2 parry with sword and axe) 5 P.P.E.
2.  Flaming Sword (2D6 M.D.) 10 P.P.E.
3.  Heart Peirced By Stake (Impervious to Vampires) 15 P.P.E.
4.  Battle Axe Dripping Blood With Wings Coiled in Serpent Flaming (6D6 M.D. that returns when thrown, triple damage to dragons/reptiles). 40 P.P.E.
5.  Animal: Tiger. 30 P.P.E.
Number of Attacks: 5 physical or tatoo attacks, or 1 spell and 2 physical
Bonuses: +8 to save versus horror factor, +2 initiative, +3 to strike, +7 to parry and dodge, +4 to pull, +9 to roll, +2 possession, +20% coma, +2 to save versus psionics, +1 to save versus illusions/mind control, +7 to save versus magic, +14 S.D.C. damage, +5 poisons/toxins, critical on 18-20, Jump Kick, Paired Weapons, Entangle, 1D8 Kick.
Temporal Magic: D-Phase, Wink Out, Dimensional Pockets, See Dimensional Anomoly, Time Warp: Slow Motion, S-Dep, T-Dep, Temporary Time Hole, Sense Dimensional Anomoly, Suspended Animation/Statis Field, Remote Viewing.
Wizard Magic: Globe of Daylight, Tongues, Chameleon, See the Invisible, Sense Magic, Detect Concealment, Fool's Gold, Chameleon, Escape, Befuddle, Armor of Ithan, See Aura, Carpet of Adhesion, Blind.
Psionics: None
O.C.C. Skills: Prowl 80%, Pick Locks 80%, Land Navigation 78%, Wilderness Survival 80%, Swimming 90%, Climbing 90%, Sniper, W.P. Battle Axe (+3 to strike and parry), W.P. Sword, W.P. Energy Rifle, W.P. Archery, W.P. Targeting, W.P. Blunt, Hand to Hand: Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Boxing, Intelligence 74%, Tracking 75%, Horsemanship 82%, Streetwise 67%, Demon Lore 65%, Faerie Lore 65%, Spirit Lore 65%, Splugorth Lore 65%, Running, Athletics, Basic Radio 70%, Detect Ambush 65%.
Weapons and Equipment: Tends to rely on spells and tatoos. Has a suit of magic body armor that has 120 M.D.C. and regenerates damage at a rate of 1D6 M.D.C. per hour. No special weapons or money.