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  Wyrm Web
Tenkil R.C.C.

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    Wyrm Web is one of the oldest and most established Death-Weavers in Sumatra, and commands one of the most impressive armies outsides of Europe, Atlantis, and North America.  He is an accomplished Summoner and has mastered the art of summoning Wyrms, horrible long lizard-like beings which are mega-damage beings of low intelligence,  but deadly, mean, and who obey his every command.

    The war with Dltni is taking it's toll.  Once the Spider Demon to be feared, he's lost that title to Lord Spider and has lost his ties to Atlantis.   However, he's still powerful and commands a still impressive army, and will do whatever he can to maintain the power structure he's currently gotten.  He's getting desperate, and  that makes him dangerous and unpredictable. 

   Wyrm Web's palace is the side of a mountain that's   been dug out for him, and  the mouth of the cave that's his Palace has the face of a  huge Wyrm with the mouth open.  Inside are the chambers of his guards, slaves, associates, and other rooms for his terrible summonings and for his torturous routines on all lesser  beings.

   The other Death Weavers are laughing at Wyrm Web's predicament, and many of them are already formulating plans on how to take over his ley line nexuses.  They don't really consider Dltni that much of a threat and most figure that once Dltni wiped out Wyrm Web, he'll be easy to deal with.  Wyrm Web hasn't tried to ask for help, being too proud and knowing he  wouldn't get any assistance, so he fights alone and also tries to engineer other forces to fight Dltni for him, with little success so far.

Wyrm Web

Alignment: Miscreant
Attributes: I.Q. 14, M.E. 15, M.A. 14, P.S. 15, P.P. 14, P.E. 17, P.B. 1, Spd. 23.
Experience Level:  Considered a 6th level Summoner
M.D.C.: 50
Horror Factor: 16, P.P.E. 500
Natural Abilities: Can walk, run, and climb on most surfaces with amazing speed (15 mph/24 kmph), upside down, straight up, and so on, like a real spider.   Only smooth, glassy surfaces impede its movement (half speed).  Nightvision 200 ft (61m), prowl 80%, and can spin a web (for climbing and ensnaring) at a rate of 200 feet (61m) per melee.  The web is tough, like light M.D.C. rope, but deteriorates quickly (within 4 minutes/16 melee rounds) unless a  bonding resin is secreted from the spider's mouth over the web.  The Death Weavers can also use the web as a rope to entangle and tie creatures up; very strong, one M.D.C. point per strand.
Combat: 4 physical or two by magic, per melee.  Bonuses: +10  to save versus horror factor, +2 strike, +4 to parry and dodge, +5 to save versus magic, +2  to spell strength (opponents need a 15 or higher to save versus spell magic), +3 to save versus psionics
Damage: Strike by a leg does 4D6 S.D.C., Mandible bite does 3D6 M.D.  Or entangle in web -- no damage but a 69% chance of being incapacitated, pinned, cannot move or attack, until the character can untangle himself (takes one melee).   Vulnerable to cocooning and other attacks while entangled.  Roll first to strike an opponent with the web, then roll percentile to see if entangled (69%).  An entangle attack can be attempted only once per melee; counts as one attack.
Web cocoon -- No damage, but completely encases the victim in a web cocoon/straight-jacket.  The trapped individual is completely immobile, unable to perform any physical actions.  The only way to get free it to  be cut or torn out, but the average cocoon has an M.D.C. of 1D6x10. An untreated cocoon (no resin) will deteriorate within 2D4 minutes.  A cocoon treated withthe spider's bonding resin does not deteriorate and adds an extra 10 M.D.C. to the M.D.C. of the silky encasement.   Note tha tthe cocoon is porous and allows air to pass through its walls, so even a person encased from head to toe can breathe.
Magic:  Knows all Summoning and Protection Circles, plus the following power circles (see Palladium Fantasy RPG for details on circles): All-Seeing, Power, Insanity, Control, and Domination.  Also possesses the following Wizard spell magic:  All protection circles and protection magic, Invulnerability, Invisibility: Simple and Superior, Breathe Without Air, Float in Air, Mystic Portal, Mystic Portal, Close Rift, Dimensional Portal, and all level 1-4 spell magic.
Psionics:  Presence Sense, Total Recall, Hypnotic Suggestion.   I.S.P. 50.
Skills: All lore 89%, Literacy: Dragonese 98%, Basic and Advanced Math 98%, Astronomy 89%, Basic Radio 89%, Land Navigation 89%, Tracking Humanoids 50%, Identify Plants and Fruits 60%, Holistic Medicine 50%, Language and Literacy:  Ogre, English, Demongogian, Indonesian 80%, Language: Spanish and Wyrm 80%.
Weapons and Equipment:  None; tends to rely on natural abilities and minions.