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  West Java
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West Java is dominated by the Machine Intelligence Dltni.   His robotic legion can be seen and the smokestacks pump toxic sludge into the air as he continues to manufacture more of his robots.  His forces have wiped out most of the life on West Java, with the exception of one individual, that is the Tireless Warrior, Sen.   Dltni is sitting on the lone ley line nexus in West Java, that is in the old Indonesian capital city of Jakarta.   Most cities in West Java have been reduced to rubble, and the few ruins that remain are death traps to any humans or d-bees who tries to occupy them.

The volcanic islands in West Java have erupted several times in the past few hundred years, but have been quiet in the past 30 years.  This is about as long as Dltni has been sitting in Jakarta.  Most individuals who enter West Java will encounter the legion of Dltni, and will be attacked on sight.