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  Ley Lines of Sumatra
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Unlike most of the ley lines in Indonesia, the ones on Sumatra usually aren't marked with anything, other than those of the lairs of the Spider Demons.  The many ley lines  coarsing through the middle eastern portion of the island is the main reason why that area was settled by the many Death Weavers.  Only the most powerful Death Weavers have managed to snag one of the coveted Ley Line Nexus points a lair.

The huge triangle to the west of Sumatra is known as the Sumatran Triangle.  Although not as powerful as the main six, it's responsible for a host of aquatic creatures coming to the island and causing the area to be extremely dangerous.  Even the New Navy fears to tread in these waters, full of giant squid, sharks, and also the area is frequented by the Reachers of the Deep.