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  Stylist O.C.C.
Pentjuk Silat

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The Stylist O.C.C. is the practitioner of the ancient martial art known as Pentjak Silat. They are also the only ones skilled in the mystical Kris dagger. The stylist is a dedicated martial artist whose mastery of martial arts is usually tempered by a deep respect for the nation and the spirits who dwell within it. They often use their tremendous fighting ability to ward off pirates, demons, raiders, and others who threaten the daily survival for the people in Rifts Indonesia.
    Training for stylists is very rigerous and intense. Each master (at least 7th level) will take up to 6 apprentices and teach them the fine arts of Silat as well as how to use the Kris blade. The typical training period is 2D4 years where the students do and say everything that their master dictates. Upon completion, each Stylist is rewarded with his own Kris dagger.
    The Kris dagger used by the stylist is created by an elder in the villiage. While not a rune weapon the Kris dagger is a magical weapon of great power and is very highly coveted for it's powers and abilities. The Kris will only obey the Stylist it is bound to, and will not confer it's magical powers to anyone else.
    Stylists can be found all over Indonesia. They typically travel alone or stay in a villiage and help defend the area typically allying themselves with Psychic Lords and Psychic Knights. Most downtrodden will recognize a Stylist by his signature weapon and usually will gladly do what they can to aid the warrior.

Special O.C.C. Abilities of the Stylist:

1. Link to the Kris -- This is a special ability unique only to the Sylist. While others can use the weapon they can NOT draw on it's magic and receive no special bonuses to strike or parry (in fact, if it wants, the Kris can actually choose to not act the way the wielder may want, and confer penalties in combat!).
2. Communicate With the Kris -- The Kris can actually empathically communicate with the Stylist and tell him warnings through visions and empathic transmissions. The weapon cannot actually speak to the character, but most Stylists trust their weapons and will usually heed the warnings of their weapons.
3. Kris Mastery -- Further example of the bond between weilder and weapon is that only the Stylist gets the following exclusive bonuses when weilding their Kris (note: these apply only to their bonded Kris, and cannot be used with another Kris. If the weapon is lost, the character must get bonded with another weapon, which is very time consuming, and frowned upon). +4 to initiative, +3 to strike and parry, plus automatic disarm.
4. Other Bonuses: Due to the rigerous training, the character is +3 to P.S. and P.E., +2 to M.E. and Spd. The character is also +4 to save versus possession and any form of mind control.

Stylist O.C.C. Base Numbers

Alignment: Any good or Selfish
Attribute Requirements: None, although a high P.E. and M.E. are desirable
Racial Restrictions: None, although very few supernatural beings would choose to be a Silat Stylist
O.C.C. Skills:
    Track Animals (+20%)
    Wilderness Survival (+15%)
    Jungle Survival (+25%)
    Jungle Navigation (+15%)
    W.P. Dagger
    W.P. Short Sword
    Athletics (General)
    First Aid (+10%)
    Climbing (+15%)
    Prowl (+15%)
    Swimming (+20%)
    Lore: Spirits (+20%)
    Lore: Demons and Monsters (+10%)
    Hand to Hand: Silat (special; no substitutions)
O.C.C. Related Skills: Select 7 "Other" skills, plus 1 at levels 4, 7, and 11.
    Communication: None
    Domestic: Any (+10%)
    Electrical: None
    Espionage: Escape Artist and Intelligence Only
    Mechanical: None
    Medical: Holistic Medicine Only
    Military: None
    Physical: Any
    Pilot: Boat Only
    Pilot Related: None
    Rogue: Any except Hacking
    Science: Any (+5%)
    Technical: Any except computers
    Weapon Proficiencies: Any although modern will be uncommon
    Wilderness: Any (+15%)
Secondary Skills: Select 4 from the previous list.
Standard Equipment: Most Stylists travel with minimal possessions. They typically have two sets of travelling clothes, 3 containers for goods, 2 canteens, a set of healing herbs and food rations to last them a week. They have their Kris dagger and one other weapon, typically an S.D.C. item. They almost always travel on foot although they are not against riding in vehicles if it makes their travel less difficult.
Money: None. People in Indonesia don't use money and find the concept of units of exchange mostly unknown. If a town has a surplus, they usually give it to those who need it. It's this selfless exchange that has enabled them to survive for as long as they have. Thus, if the warrior needs something that's reasonable most townspeople will gladly give it to him. Of course this works both ways if a town is need of something (food, clothing, protection, etc) then the Sylist will usually help out if he's in the position to do so. also gets +25 S.D.C. and +3D6 P.P.E. The chararacter is also +4 to save versus horror factor and possession.