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  Spiritualist O.C.C.
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     The Spiritualist is a specialized type of practitioner of magic, who uses his abilities to communicate with different Spirits, and can traverse into the Spirit Realm. The Spiritualist also usually possesses some minor degree of psionic power, and a deep awareness of the Spirit Realm.
    Spiritualists are usually well respected by most individuals, although foreigners will probably be skeptical of the Spirit Powers of this O.C.C. The power of the Spiritualist lies in the communication between spirits and humans, and therein lies their power, as they are the most adept at communicating with Spirits, and of all the O.C.C.s, they are the people most likely to be approached by spirits during times of crisis.
    Spiritualists are most at home in areas where many spirits tread. Ironically enough, this happens to include large gatherings of humans, such as in cities and along riverbanks. Spirits seem drawn to humans and similar d-bees, and thus Spiritualists can found with them.

Special O.C.C. Abilities of the Spiritualist:

1. See And Communicate With Spirits: All Spiritualists can instantly see and recognize all spirits, even those metamorphosized into animal forms, or the Possessing Spirit in a body. They can also understand spirits and can communicate perfectly.

2. Spirit Travel: Spiritualists can also travel into the Spirit Realm, and they are the only occupational character class that is able to do so. The Spirit Realm is similar to the Astral Plane, although there are a few differences. The most striking is that the Spirit Realm is a mirror of Earth, and will always be tied together. There are no Astral Domains in the Spirit Realm, just a ghostly white luminescence, and the Domain of Man is easily visible, but not easily interactable. In fact, there are other Spirits in the Spirit Realm which have not been encountered by Indonesians yet (more will become available of this place at a later date).

3. Impervious to Possession by Spirits (this includes Alien Intelligence Fragments, Possessing Entities, and all types of energy beings).

4. Interact With Spirits: While most spirits are etheral and intangible, the Spiritualist can actually physically interact with a spirit. This includes the ability to engage in combat, as well as teach and take items from the Spirit, and to follow the spirit.

5. Spirit Combat:  Spiritualists are +2 to initiative, and +1 to strike, parry, and dodge spirits that they are in combat with.  They are also +3 to save against magic and psionics levelled against them by spirits.

6. Spirit Familiar: All Spiritualists have a Spirit Familiar, the Tujul. The Spirit functions exactly like the familiar spell and includes the same limitations, except that the Spiritualist gets the Tujul Familiar at 1st level.

7. Spirit Magic: Select a total of 8 Spirit Spells. Spiritualists can NOT learn Wizard spell magic. They can learn new Spirit Spells as per a Wizard learns Wizard Spells.

8. P.P.E.: The Spiritualist gets 1D6x10+10 P.P.E., +2D6 per level of experience.

9. Psionic Powers: The Spiritualist gets Presence Sense, Astral Projection, and 2 additional sensitive powers of choice. Considered a minor psionic.

10. I.S.P.: The Spiritualist gets 6D6 I.S.P. plus 1D4 I.S.P. per level.

11. Other Bonuses: The Spiritualist is +4 to save against magic and psionic attacks from spirits, +2 to save against other types of magic and psionic attacks, +3 to save versus poison/toxins and mind control.

Spiritualist Base Numbers

Alignment Restrictions: None although seldom evil
Racial Restrictions: Cannot be a supernatural being
Attribute Requirements: I.Q. 9 and M.E. 11
Spiritualist O.C.C. Skills:
    Lore: Spirits (+25%)
    Jungle Survival (+10%)
    Lore: Demons and Monsters (+10%)
    Swimming (+15%)
    Hand to Hand: Basic
Hand to Hand Basic can be changed to expert at the cost of one "other" skill. Can not choose martial arts or assassin.
O.C.C. Related Skills: Select 7 "Other" Skills, plus 1 at levels 3, 8, 10, and 13.
    Communication: None
    Domestic: Any (+10%)
    Electricl: None
    Espionage: None
    Mechanical: None
    Medical: First Aid, Paramedic, or Hollistic Medicine Only
    Military: None
    Physical: Any except acrobatics, gymnastics, boxing or              wrestling
    Pilot: Boat or Horsemanship Only
    Pilot Related: None
    Rogue: Any except Hacking
    Science: Any (+10%)
    Technical: Any except computers (+5%)
    Weapon Proficiencies: Any although modern will be             uncommon
    Wilderness: Any
Secondary Skills: Select 5 from the previous list.
Standard Equipment: Most Spiritualists travel with minimal possessions. They typically have two sets of travelling clothes, 3 containers for goods, 2 canteens, a set of healing herbs and food rations to last them a week. They have one S.D.C. weapon of choice and one Psionic Spirit Weapon. They almost always travel on foot although they are not against riding in vehicles if it makes their travel less difficult. Will occasionally have a riding animal of some kind, if they get an appropriate skill.
Money: None. People in Indonesia don't use money and find the concept of units of exchange mostly unknown. If a town has a surplus, they usually give it to those who need it. It's this selfless exchange that has enabled them to survive for as long as they have. Thus, if the warrior needs something that's reasonable most townspeople will gladly give it to him. Of course this works both ways if a town is need of something (food, clothing, protection, etc) then the Spiritualist will usually help out if he's in the position to do so.