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  Spirit Caster O.C.C.
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   The Spirit Caster is an unusual master of the mystic arts.  They are definitely a spellcaster, yet unlike the Dukun, Spiritualist, and Animist, they don't have any deep down respect for the Spirits of Indonesia.  No, they see the Spirits as another resource, such as forests and fish, to be used and exploited.
   The other classes frown upon the ideolisms of this character, that they see as being detremental to existence on Rifts Earth and the cohabitation of Spirits and humans.  The Spirit Caster says that humans and Spirits can coexist, it's simply they view their abilities as allowing them to access another resource, and exploit that.   And exploit it they do.
   Most spirits dislike Spirit Casters immensely, as part of their power involves the destruction of Spirits!  Most Spirit Casters aren't callous or insensitive however; they usually ask for permission of the spirit to sacrafice it; they simply feel no guilt in using Spirits in this way, something the other O.C.C.'s would never dream of doing.

Special O.C.C. Abilities of the Spirit Caster

1.  Convert Spirit to Spell:  the Spirit Caster   is able to use a Spirit and actually convert it into the spell effect he wants, thereby bypassing the P.P.E. requirement of the spell.  However, this ability destroys the spirit!  Nobody knows how far-reaching this effect is, as the Spirit Caster has only been around about 8 years, but already parts of the Spirit Realm are being slowly eroded.  Only time will tell what further effects happen.  Note that the spirit must be within his immediate vicinity (no more than 30 feet (10m) away) and he must know the spell he's trying to convert the spirit to.

2.  Impervious to Possession:  the Spirit Caster cannot be possessed by energy beings or spirits of any kind.

3.  Spirit Spells:  The Spirit Caster knows 12 Spirit Spells, and can learn additional spells as per the Wizard method.

4.  Wizard Magic:  The Spirit Caster also starts with 8 spells from Wizard levels 1-4, making the Spirit Caster the most adept starting mage in Rifts Indonesia.  Additional Spells can be learned at any time, regardless of level, as per the Ley Line Walker.

5.  P.P.E.:  3D4x10+15, +3D4 per level of experience.

6.  Other Bonuses:  +4 to save versus horror factor, +3 to save versus magic and psionics.

Spirit Caster Base Numbers

Alignment Restrictions: None although seldom good
Racial Restrictions: Cannot be a supernatural being
Attribute Requirements: I.Q. 9 and M.E. 11
Spirit Caster O.C.C. Skills:
    Lore: Spirits (+25%)
    Jungle Survival (+10%)

    Mathematics:  Basic (+30%)
    Lore: Demons and Monsters (+10%)
    Swimming (+15%)
    Hand to Hand: Basic
Hand to Hand Basic can be changed to expert at the cost of one "other" skill, or Martial Arts or Assassin at the cost of two "other" skills.
O.C.C. Related Skills: Select 6 "Other" Skills, plus 1 at levels 4, 8, 11, and 14.
    Communication: None
    Domestic: Any (+5%)
    Electricl: None
    Espionage: Intelligence and Tracking only
    Mechanical: None
    Medical: First Aid Only
    Military: None
    Physical: Any except acrobatics or gymnastics
    Pilot: Boat or Horsemanship Only
    Pilot Related: None
    Rogue: Any except Hacking
    Science: Any (+10%)
    Technical: Any except computers (+5%)
    Weapon Proficiencies: Any although modern will be
    Wilderness: Any
Secondary Skills: Select 5 from the previous list.
Standard Equipment: Most Spirit Casters travel with minimal possessions. They typically have two sets of travelling clothes, 3 containers for goods, 2 canteens, a set of healing herbs and food rations to last them a week. They have one S.D.C. weapon of choice and one Psionic Spirit Weapon. They almost always travel on foot although they are not against riding in vehicles if it makes their travel less difficult. Will occasionally have a riding animal of some kind, if they get an appropriate skill.
Money: None. People in Indonesia don't use money and find the concept of units of exchange mostly unknown. If a town has a surplus, they usually give it to those who need it. It's this selfless exchange that has enabled them to survive for as long as they have. Thus, if the warrior needs something that's reasonable most townspeople will gladly give it to him. Of course this works both ways if a town is need of something (food, clothing, protection, etc) then the Spiritualist will usually help out if he's in the position to do so.