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  Psychic Knight O.C.C.
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    One of the most visible and dynamic characters are the psychic knights. They are the result of the melding between a mortal and a Danjang. These powerful warriors are beloved by the people and are known to protect them from all manners of evil. They are courageous, heroic, and compassionate towards the people that they protect.
    Currently, the danger possessed by Dltni is compelling most Psychic Knights to fight this bizarre Machine Intelligence and his huge robotic legion. Even with their own formidable array of abilities, they are often overwhelmed by the sheer numbers and sizzling energy weapons of the robotic army of the Machine Intelligence. Still they perservere, and work hard to rid Indonesia of this latest menace.
    The Psychic Knight, more so than almost any other class, is a working man's hero. This class interacts with people at the lowest level, helping farmers tend crops, or building a dock, or any other job that may be required by a community. They seldom stay in one place very long, and usually just stay long enough to help the community survive. Eternal nomads, they are always on the move. Everyone in Indonesia loves these warriors.

Special O.C.C. Abilities of the Psychic Knight:

1. The Psychic Knight possesses the following psionic abilities: Psi-Sword, Psi-Shield, Summon Inner Strength, Telekinetic Force Field, See Invisible, See Aura, and Alter Aura.
2. Spirit Aura: by spending 15 I.S.P., the character can generate a spiritual aura around himself that provides 80 M.D.C., +10 M.D.C. per level. The aura lasts 10 minutes per level, and makes the character impervious to possession or mind control while the aura is up. As well, the characters P.S. becomes supernatural for the duration.
3. I.S.P.: 3D6x10, +2D6 per level of experience.
4. Other Bonuses: Impervious to Possession, +8 to save versus horror factor, +2 to
initiative, +2 to save versus mind control, psionics, and poison/toxins.
5. Special Sword Mastery: While weilding their psi-swords and shields, they are +2 to initiative, strike, and parry when using their psi-sword, and +4 to parry with the psi-sword. This bonus applies ONLY when they are using their psi-sword and psi-shield (either together or seperately). This bonus does not apply to any other sword or shield.

Psychic Knight Base Numbers

Alignment Restrictions: Good only
Attribute Requirements: None, although a high M.E., P.S. and P.P. are extremely desirable
Psychic Knight O.C.C. Skills:
    Lore: Spirits (+15%)
    Jungle Survival (+10%)
    Swimming (+15%)
    W.P. Sword
    W.P. Shield
    W.P. One Ancient of Choice
    Hand to Hand: Martial Arts (no substitutes)
O.C.C. Related Skills: Select 4 "Other" Skills, plus 1 at levels 4, 8, 11, and 13.
    Communication: None
    Domestic: Any (+10%)
    Electricl: None
    Espionage: Detect Ambush, Detect Concealment, and             Escape Artist only
    Mechanical: None
    Medical: First Aid Only
    Military: None
    Physical: Any (+5% where applicable)
    Pilot: Boat Only
    Pilot Related: None
    Rogue: Any except Hacking
    Science: Math only
    Technical: Any except computers
    Weapon Proficiencies: Any although modern will be             uncommon
    Wilderness: Any (+15%)
Secondary Skills: Select 4 from the previous list.
Standard Equipment: Most Psychic Knights travel with minimal possessions. They typically have two sets of travelling clothes, 3 containers for goods, 2 canteens, a set of healing herbs and food rations to last them a week. They carry no weapons, as they have their psi-swords and shields to help them in combat. They almost always travel on foot although they are not against riding in vehicles if it makes their travel less difficult.
Money: None. People in Indonesia don't use money and find the concept of units of exchange mostly unknown. If a town has a surplus, they usually give it to those who need it. It's this selfless exchange that has enabled them to survive for as long as they have. Thus, if the warrior needs something that's reasonable most townspeople will gladly give it to him. Of course this works both ways if a town is need of something (food, clothing, protection, etc) then the Psychic Knight will usually help out if he's in the position to do so.