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  O.C.C.'s of Rifts Indonesia
Psychic Knight

Psychic Lord

Spirit Psychic


Spirit Caster





Dayak Nomad

Crop Grower


Spirit Spells

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These are the character classes most common for player characters in Rifts Indonesia.  However, this is far from a complete list.  Ley Line Walkers, Mystics, Mind Melters, Mind Bleeders, and a variety of inhuman R.C.C.'s are also common to the islands of Indonesia.

Technological and military O.C.C.'s however, are a complete unknown here.  There is simply no power armor, robot vehicles, or energy weapons.  In fact, with the presence of the Machine Intelligence and his army of evil mechinations, those who weild such alien weaponry will probably be shunned and disliked by those who are native to Indonesia.  And since Indonesia is far removed from North America, Europe, and even Japan, no one knows what's happening.  Even though Australia is in close proximity, the main concentration of human civilization there is on the southern coast.   Thus, Indonesia remains isolated, and a wilderness in the throes of a deadly conflict the rest of the world knows nothing about.

There are no Juicers, Crazies, Techno-Wizards, Borgs, or any similar enhancement's in Indonesia.