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  Map of Bandung
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City Map Code:

1.  This is the Palace of Loro Kidul.   She spends most of her time inside the Palace, summoning troops as best she can and trying to motivate and inspire the people of the city.
2.  This is one of the weakest parts of the city defence, and this building houses a garrison of 250 troops, who do their best to keep the breach in the city wall from getting any larger.
3.  Another garrison, although smaller.  This one houses 80 troops, who are weary and can only suffer about a week more of combat before getting crushed totally.
4.  A huge pool, which is the main living area of the Water Nymph's, who are unused to prolonged life out of the sea.  Loro Kidul also summons Water Elementals in this pool.
5.  The home of one of the most powerful defenders, a Kumo-Mi Dragon!  This dragon is responsible for destroying dozens of robots in a single engagement and severely damaged one of Dltni's Mobile Bases!  He prefers to fight alone, as others would just get in his way.
6.  The home of Hayig, a Sowki, who is trying to figure out some way to survive this, and to steal Loro Kidul's treasure in the same breath.
7.  Another garrison, this one holding 220 soliders, who are trying to split up Dltni's forces into managable sizes.   It doesn't seem to be working.