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  Kumo, Demon Spider
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Adapted from Information Presented by Onmyoshi. 
Used with Permission.

    The Kumo are gigantic demon spiders known throughout the dark, dense mountain jungles of the Philippines, Indonesia, China and Japan. Their exoskeleton a mirror-like black gleam, eyes like glowing green saucers above 8 inch long fangs, and legs like thin tree trunks. They prowl and lay in ambush during twilight, attacking anything with the scent of blood.
    They have incredible instincts, deceptive and cunning fighters. One Kumo is enough to give any group of warriors second thoughts, fortunately they are loners, squabbling even amongst their own kind. Although fierce, they are also self-preserving, any damage over 100 M.D.C. will likely cause them to flee. These creatures only think about food and if presented to them, will gorge themselves to a point of near comatose, appearing to be in a state of suspended animation (digesting and processing their meal).
     Kumo are occasionally mistaken for Death Weavers, however, the Kumo are not as intelligent, and are often used as minion shock troopers by enterprising Death Weavers.  However, the Kumo's loner insticts means that they do not function well in groups, and will only work together in small group environments, not in a large formal setting.

Note: These are strictly NPC characters.

Alignment: Anarchist, Miscreant, Aberrant, or Diabolic.

Attributes: I.Q. 2D4+2, M.E. 3D6, M.A. 2D6+10, P.S. 2D6+10, P.P. 4D4+6, P.E. 3D6+2, P.B. 1D6, Spd 6D6+14
Size/Weight: Full grown adults (15 years of age+) can grow to 7 feet high and 10 feet long from head to end of
spinnerets. Weighs from 800-950 pounds.
M.D.C.: 1D4x100 +100.
Horror factor: 14
P.P.E.: 1D6x10.
Natural Abilities: Can scale surfaces just like a normal spider, even running upside down at 3/4 of Spd. attribute,
Climb: 98%, Track by scent: 76%, Nightvision: 300 feet, Prowl: 75%, 280 degree vision, Sense Magic, See the
Invisible, as well as the following special abilities:
(1)Mesmerize: The Kumo has a supernatural ability to mesmerize all that gaze into it's glowing green eyes. Characters must save versus influence if they stare into the Kumo's eyes for more than two melees. The initial effects are cloudiness, causing -2 to initiative, strike, parry and dodge. After 2D4 melees, they are allowed a second saving throw, if they pass, they snap out of it. If they fail, fall under its trance, totally defenseless, unless someone helps
them out of it. Intelligent creatures are +2 for saving throw.
(2)Webbing: Has 4 spinnerets to expel webbing for a variety of uses. Can create a web up to a 50 foot radius (100
feet total) for snaring victims (webbing is extremely translucent, -4 to notice). A web of this size will take about 15 minutes to produce. Webbing can also be used to climb, descend, entangle and ensnare. This is moderately sticky,
entangling more as the victim struggles. The tensile strength is equivalent to 1 M.D,C. per strand and can support a bit over 1 ton. When a victim is entangled or otherwise incapacitated, the Kumo will attempt to encase them in a cocoon. The cocoon is the equivalent of a straight jacket, allowing no movement. Effective M.D.C. is 1D4x10.
This webbing is mystical in nature, resistant to normal weapons (one-half damage). Fire and magical weapons will
do full damage. Up to 100 feet of spider silk can be produced per melee and can be consumed for recycling.
(3) Bio-Regeneration: Kumo possess remarkable restorative powers, able to regenerate 1D4 M.D.C. every
minute. They can even regenerate lost limbs with two days time.
(4) Toxic Venom: The Kumo has two types of venom. The first type has a neurological effect, causing pain and
eventual slowly progressing paralysis throughout the body, and is used during combat/hunting. A successful bite
attack will cause 1D4 M.D. of physical damage. Character then gets another roll (at -2) to defend, if unsuccesful
again, 2D6 additional M.D. is taken by the venom (consisting of sharp pains, muscle spasms and cramping partial paralysis; -2 to strike, Spd. and attacks per melee are halved). These effects will last for 2D6 minutes per injection
or magically negated. Character will still suffer mild symptoms for up to two days (-1 to strike, -1 attack, feels
nauseous) and will require medical attention to properly recover. After 3 of such attacks, the character must save
versus poison or be temporarily paralyzed for 3D10 minutes. The true horror in this, is that the character will be in excruciating pain, totally immobile, yet completely conscious.
Once a victim is paralyzed, second type of venom then comes into play, a poison with hemolysis-like effects. That
is, it breaks down the blood vessels as well as softening (tenderizing!) the muscle tissue. In effect, it turns the
victim's body into a nice squishy meal that can be sucked up. Upon injection, 2D6 M.D. will occur every 1 minute,
until the brain finally hemorrhages and death immediately occurs. A cure must be administered within the first 5
minutes, or permanent damage may occur.
The poison sack has enough for 30 type 1 and 5 type 2 injections. Type 1 regenerates 2D4 injections worth a day
and 1D4 type 2 a day.
Combat: 4 attacks per melee. Bonuses: +2 to strike, +3 to parry and dodge. +3 initiative and roll with punch/fall/impact. +5 versus poisons.
Damage: Bite does 1D4 M.D., see above for poison. Sweeping leg causes 3D6 S.D.C. plus P.S. bonus, full
strength sweep causes 1D6 M.D., and a power sweep does 2D6 M.D. (but counts as two attacks).
Vulnerabilities: Fire does double damage.
Average Life Span: 45 years.
Appearance: Similar to a giant black widow. Glowing green eyes, massive fangs, long thin legs attached to a
shiny, almost metallic-looking body covered in short spiny hairs.
Habitat: Any continuously dark area, such as jungles, caves, abandoned dwellings within the most parts of Asia.
Enemies/Allies: Any creature that is smaller than them is considered a meal. Relies more on instinct, and instinct
tells it to eat.
  They are often manipulated by Death Weaver Spider Demons, which the Kumo see as a fellow and similar species.