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  Irian Jaya
One Of Darkness

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    Irian Jaya has long been an intimidating and foreboding land. Mist-filled jungles, hostile natives, deadly insects, and other dangers have made it one of the most difficult places to terraform. Even in the year 2098, Irian Jaya, and most of the island of New Guinea, has remained an oasis away from civilization.
    Irian Jaya is the Indonesian half of the island of New Guinea, which is the second largest island in the world. The Great Cataclysm affected the island, like the rest of the world, and the island got split in several areas.   Most of the human life here was unable to cope with M.D.C. and got slaughtered horribly.  The few that are left are protected by Asian dragons which dot the landscape, as well as Sphinx and other intelligence and powerful creatures.
    One important individual is the One of Darkness. This mysterious person lives on the southern coast of the island, and his palace and dark minions have been labelled as unnatural by anyone around him. Yet, strangely, the One of Darkness lives in peace with the human tribes around him, and only supernatural creatures have reason to fear him. The truth of this being is even more shocking, as are his plans for another world (see description for more details).
    Foreigners are extremely rare on Irian Jaya. Even the Horune avoid the place, as there is little there for them to profit from. Marauding supernatural creatures, alien disease, and other dangers make the place very unlikely to be visited by adventurers. Plus, there just aren't a lot of places to sell ones wares. In fact, there are none.