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Rifts Indonesia Netbook


Greetings, I am glad you decided to stop by!  This is my first netbook and my first attempt at a real webpage.  What I am featuring here is my own interpretation of a setting for Rifts.  This will remain a Netbook forever simply because I'm not going to waste Palladium's time with submitting any of this material.  However, if anyone here enjoys the material I encourage you to tell Palladium about this site and maybe it'll get published!  As always I'm free to listen to any comments about my site and I hope you enjoy your visit!

Important Note:  I do not claim to own any of this, nor am I affiliated in any way with Palladium Books, Inc. (hereby referred to as "Palladium"). All of this is my own personal extrapolation and has not  in any way been endorsed by Palladium.  Having no rights at all to the contents of this site, this site can be brought down by Palladium at any moment, I accept that I will receive no financial compensation for said work, and can not and will not publish it as if it were my own properties.  Thank you for understanding and I hope you understand why I put this up.

I can be found in Palladium Chat under the handle of Mephisto.