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  History Revisited
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    The Super-Rift of Atlantis (see Rifts Atlantis for more details) created a huge dimensional problem that affected the entire Earth. Sulawesi is one of the dimensional anomolies created by that super disaster. The dimensional rifts that permeated the planet and the creatures that spawned it didn't just go across the globe, but through it as well. Sulawesi was one of the places adversely affected by that huge disaster, and since then, has linked two worlds; Earth and one known as Subtropica.
    Subtropica is a hot humid rainforest and thus has fit in with it's location in Southeast Asia. When the dimensional energies reduced on the island, the dimensional ties were also weakened, the environment of Earth became dominant and the creatures on Sulawesi were not able to go back to their native, natural environment. Sulawesi had left Subtropica and had become part of Earth. When the Rifts erupted however, things changed and Subtropica is once again linked powerfully to Rifts Earth.