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    Since Sulawesi is an island, there are only two options: via air and via water. One can swim through the dimensional barrier without even knowing it's there. The water is the same, although the water in Subtropica is slightly more salty to those who are adept at noticing such things (such as dolphins or whales). Traveling by air is not much different, although the sky is Sulawesi will be noticably overcast and dence with thick clouds and an oppressive humidity.
    When on Sulawesi, it may not be instantly obvious one is in another dimension. Much of the flora and fauna is the same as it's Pre-Rifts days (in fact, ironically enough, much of the vegetation has adapted back to it's natural environment). One thing that may be interesting to those is that the island has not been affected by the disaster that's wiped out most of the rest of the world's largest archipalego. The dimensional barrier seems to have protected the island from destruction.