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  Geography of Pontianak
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    Pontianak is mostly a heavy, humid rainforest, with a large rainfall per year (in some places, they get 12 feet/4m) of rain a year!).  Nevertheless, Inferno has managed to terraform the island and his burning citadels are still burning, creating a huge steam effect around the temples of his in the cities.  The cities are on the coast, and the interior is mostly lightly populated with a few villiages.  No forestry is allowed on Pontianak; however, the nearby island of Borneo is fair game.
    Pontianak is an anomoly in Asia in that it has large, modern cities with every amenity one could imagine.  Guild houses, theatres, libraries, arenas, merchant shops, etc.  In some ways, Pontianak is like a mini-Atlantis, and indeed Inferno bills it as "The Atlantis of the East."  Splynncryth has good relations with these beings and doesn't really mind the comparison, so long as it doesn't damage his operation.  Besides, it gives him an ear as to what is happening over on the other side of the planet.