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  Dukun O.C.C.
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Dukun Rituals

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     The Dukun (pronounced Doo-koon) is an important position in Indonesia. Dukun’s are the curers and sorcerers of Indonesia (particularly Java) and have a number of important abilities that help out the people who live there. They are also highly valued members of the community, and are looked up to by many.

      Whenever one has a problem with the supernatural, they often seek out a dukun. Most of the time, they can reach one through word of mouth. Often word of a possession or a mysterious illness will bring one of these men of magic to the person.

    Of all the mystic O.C.C.'s none are considered more powerful or influential than the dukun.  The Dukun is the Ley Line Walker of Rifts Indonesia and thus those who manage to become Dukun are very much respected and are highly coveted and influential villiage members.

Special O.C.C. Abilities of the Dukun

1.Cure Others: Dukun are known to have the powers of curing. They can heal blindness (cost in P.P.E.: four), joint pain (cost in P.P.E.: three per joint), hair loss (cost in P.P.E.: one), coughs and colds (cost in P.P.E.: one), infections and lung problems (cost in P.P.E.: two). It’s up to the individual GM’s to decide what other healing the dukun is capable of, and what the P.P.E. cost is. However, dukun’s can NOT actually restore hit points and S.D.C.! At best, they can control blood loss and make the character more comfortable but they cannot restore the lost damage points. The actual methods used by the dukun will vary somewhat from practitioner to practitioner, as some will use metal needles, and others will use their hands, etc.

2.Exorcism: the dukun is also capable of removing a spirit from a possessed person. Unlike the West, the spirits ossessing someone in Java seldom resist being removed by the dukun. This is mostly due to the fact that the spirits are often in awe of the dukun and his abilities to communicate with them. Most dukun will not harm the spirit and simply take it out and allow the spirit to once again roam free. Since dukun’s are often quite resistant to possession and psionic attacks, most spirits would think twice about
attacking them any ways; however, the occasionally malevolent spirit will attack a dukun if angry enough. Cost in P.P.E.: 5

3.Divination: similar to many similar occupations, dukun’s can have prophetic visions. This is often the result of consulting spirits relating to one’s deceased family who often provide insight into what is likely to happen. As with any other method of divination, this is not 100% accurate, and should be used sparingly, as most spirits prefer not to be both bothered with such things, and to be removed from the spirit realm for any length of time. What it does provide however, is a tool that the dukun can use, especially if someone is going to be in great peril sometime in the near future. Cost in P.P.E.: 8

4.Luck Charms: some dukun will occasionally bless an individual or a business. What this amounts to can be a small bonus to save against anything (i.e.  a +1 save versus psionics or toxins), to keep away termites or spirits or demons, or over a piece of land to ensure a good harvest. These bonuses tend not to have much combat application (they can’t provide combat bonuses) but to the average farmer or logger, the magic bonuses can make the difference between disaster and bounty. The cost of creating a luck charm varies: Cost in P.P.E.: 4 for each bonus for a saving throw, 4 to keep away a specific variety of insects, 6 to keep away spirits, 10 to keep away a demon. The duration of the keeping away abilities is one month per level of the dukun. It costs 20 P.P.E. to protect an acre of land from natural disasters, and 50 P.P.E. to make an area of land produce a good harvest, which is a yield 300% greater than anticipated.

5.Communicate with Spirits: Dukun can see normally invisible spirits, as well as communicate with them. It is as if the spirit is a flesh-and-blood being in their presence. Most spirits speak Indonesian, so the dukun will often be seen as if they are talking to someone who is not present. This is
unsettling to anyone who does not know what is happening.

6.Spirit Combat: Dukun can not only see and talk to spirits, but if necessary, they can interact with them! Dukun engaged in combat with spirits are +3 to initiative, +4 to strike, parry, and dodge, and are +6 on all saving throws
against magic and psionics leveled at them by spirits. Note however these bonuses only apply against "spirits" and not humans, gods, or demons. Since spirits are normally intangible and etheral, they can often escape combat by going through a wall, something the dukun cannot do unless they have special spells.

7.Sorcery: Dukun are also known to cast spells. They can select 10 Spirit Spells, and 6 spells from Wizard levels 1-2.  They can learn spells as per the Ley Line Walker.

8. Dukun Rituals:  The Dukun possesses some Rituals EXCLUSIVE to this O.C.C. See the Dukun Ritual Link.  Note that each Dukun knows ALL the rituals available to this O.C.C.

9. Base P.P.E.: Unlike most spell casters, the dukun has very little P.P.E. This is why most of his spells are rituals, and he must draw on the P.P.E. of those around him to create his magical effects. The base amount of P.P.E. is 3D6+20.   Add +2D6 P.P.E. per level of experience.

10. Other Bonuses: +2 to save versus magic, +2 to save versus psionics, +5 to save versus possession, +4 to save versus horror factor. 

Dukun Base Numbers:

Attribute Requirements: I.Q. 13 and M.E. 14
Alignment Requirements: None although most are good
Dukun O.C.C. Skills:
    Speak and Read Indonesian (+30%)
    Two other languages of choice (+20%)
    Fasting (+20%)
    Athletics (General)
    Indonesian Mythology (+20%)
    Feng Shui (Geomancy) (+15%)
    Lore: Demons and Monsters (+20%)
    Lore: Spirits (+30%)
    Writing (+10%)

Dukun O.C.C. Related Skills: Select 7 from the following list, plus 1 at levels 2, 5, 8, and 12..

     Communications: None
     Computer: None
     Domestic: any (+10%)
     Electrical: None
     Espionage: None
     Mechanical: None
     Medical: Any except M.D. Cybernetics (+5%)
     Military: none
     Physical: any except boxing, wrestling, acrobatics, and              gynmastics
     Pilot: Boat or Horsemanship only
     Pilot Related Skills: Navigation only
     Science: any
     Technical: Any except computer ( +10%)
     W.P. Any although modern will be rare

     Wilderness:  Any (+5%)

Secondary Skills: Select four from the previous list.
Standard Equipment: Most Dukun rarely travel.  However, when they do they travel with minimal possessions. They typically have two sets of travelling clothes, 3
containers for goods, 2 canteens, a set of healing herbs and food rations to last them a week. They have one S.D.C. weapon of choice and one Psionic Spirit Weapon. They almost always travel on foot although they are not against riding in vehicles if it makes their travel less difficult. Will occasionally have a riding animal of some kind, if they get an appropriate skill.
Money: None. People in Indonesia don't use money and find the concept of units of exchange mostly unknown. If a town has a surplus, they usually give it to those who need it. It's this selfless exchange that has enabled them to survive for as long as they have. Thus, if the warrior needs something that's reasonable most townspeople will gladly give it to him. Of course this works both ways if a town is need of something (food, clothing, protection, etc) then the Dukun will usually help out if he's in the position to do so.