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  Deadly Mysteries
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    One thing that would become apparent to most who enter the island is instantly apparent: there is no human life on this island. Why? Any human who stays longer than 12 hours runs the risk of actually suffocating on the atmosphere of the island! The thick atmosphere is not air, but a fine liquid which will fill the lungs and choke out most human and similar beings. The native creatures on the island have adapted to this, and feel no discomfort. Amphibians and those that do not need air to breathe will not be affected by this, but so far, no intelligent life form has occupied the island. Even Horune will be affected by the atmosphere so they will avoid it at all costs.

Game Effects of Being on Sulawesi:

The following penalties apply for every hour past 10 on Sulawesi

-2 to P.E. and M.E. (mentally and physically draining)
Fatigues at twice the rate of normal
Runs a 30% chance of contracting Lucid Pain, a dibilitating disease that affects the character with a deadly parasite that settles in the characters small intestive and affects the digestion of protiens, which means the body won't break down the food and will eventually kill the character of malnutrition, while making the stool of the character bloody and painful.

Note that these penalties are not applicable to supernatural beings or native creatures to Sulawesi. However, water-born pestilence does exist, and can be just as deadly.