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      Very few see his face, or know what he looks like, since he always wears his magic cloak.   However, if he were to show it, he would appear as a white male, with blond hair, blue eyes, and a good complexion, who would be wearing pieces of armor on his body; however, the armor would be mangled, and where it appeared it was blown away or hacked off, it would show the injuries he's suffered, some still bleeding! 
      The bone and muscles would be visible where the armor doesn't cover, and he appears he just got off the battlefield, after a long and savage encounter.  Parts of his hips and left leg appear to have been crushed, and the armor is cracked down there, and around his chest are several vicious axe marks, and blood is coating the armor covering him.  Overall, it's a very gruesome and disturbing picture, and one of the reasons why he doesn't go anywhere without wearing his cloak.