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  Danjang -- Guardian Spirits
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        Danjang are the infamous Guardian Spirits, who take the form of animals and who link to humans to create the Psychic Knights, one of the fabled champions of Indonesia, who has helped the human population to survive the Apocalypse. Danjang are peaceful, helpful Spirits who have genuine concern for humanity's survival and do their best to help defeat the Enemies of Humanity.
    Danjang typically take the form of apes, tigers, snakes, and birds. All Danjang are Spirits who have the highest regard for life and work well with native Indonesians. Most Indonesians rever the Danjang as a great savior and will gladly help them whenever possible.
Alignment: Good or Unprincipled
M.D.C.: 1D6x10+30
Horror Factor: 6, P.P.E. 2D6x10
Attributes: Like most energy beings, they generally don't possess attributes in energy form. However, the following apply when in a physical manifestation: I.Q. 3D6+5, M.E. 4D6, M.A. 4D6, P.S. 4D6, P.P. 4D6, P.E. 5D6, P.B. 4D6, Spd. 6D6.

Natural Abilities: Naturally etheral, intangible, invisible, and untouchable as energy beings. Danjang are vulnerable in physical form; however, in energy form they are immune to all attacks except Spirit Magic, due to the fact that they are effectively in another dimension, even though thay may be visible to someone who can see the invisible! Magically understands (but not speaks) all languages. They have the following abilities based on the form that they choose:
Apes -- +4 to P.S. and P.E., plus can use human tools plus punches do double damage!
Tigers -- +4 to P.P. and P.E., and +4 to initiative, +1 attack per melee
Snakes -- +3 to Spd and gains an automatic dodge, and can do a constricting attack by wrapping itself around its prey (3D6 M.D. per crush attack; once per melee action).
Bird -- +2 to M.D. and P.E., plus gains flight while in animal form, +1 attack per melee
Combat: 4 attacks per melee. Bonuses: +3 to initiative, cannot be attacked from behind/surprise, +2 to strike, parry, and dodge, +8 to save versus horror factor. Note that they are impervious to mind control, possession, or illusions.
Damage: by psionics or M.D. weapons.
Magic: Select any 15 spells from Wizard levels 1-10, except for summoning or rituals.
Psionics: Psi-Shield, Psi-Sword, Telekinetic Force Field, Empathy, Empathic Transmission, Sense Magic, See Invisible, See Aura, and Alter Aura. ISP: 6D6 x 10.
OCC and Skills: OCC is effectively a vagabond; possesses prowl, swim, climb, detect ambush, detect concealment, and 3 technical skills (except hacking) at 2nd level with no bonuses.
Habitat: Anywhere in Indonesia
Enemies: None per se
Allies: People of Indonesia
Size: an animal figure in it's natural environment in the Spirit Realm, and takes on the body of an animal in the World of Men.
Weight: none in energy form, standard animal weight when in physical manifestation.