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Stot-Yuv R.C.C.

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Dalaxna is one of the coldest, most ruthless Spider Demons around.  She has committed many atrocities on the d-bees around her for the sheer pleasure of it all.  She has been on Sumatra for many years now and enjoys the power she has on this planet. 

Her lair is a grandiose palace with several dozen spires on it.  She has the d-bee's who are her minions, the Stot-Yuv, work around the clock to make sure it's spotlessly clean.  Eternally vain as well as bloodthirsty, if anyone comments about her appearance she will kill them in the most disfiguring and painful way possible.   An extremely sadistic figure, Dalaxna will find the most petty problem and cruelly torture someone over it.

She is extremely despised, even among her own kind.  Lord Spider hates her with a passion (the feeling is definitely mutual) and Wyrm Web considers her a prissy high and mighty bitch who has more power than she should.  Even though they are fighting a common enemy, Wyrm Web and Dalaxna will NEVER work together and actually hope Dltni destroys the other.  If they could have worked together, they probably would have stopped Dltni's advance into Sumatra.

Dalaxna has no real forthought or long-range plans.  She just wants to enjoy her current power base and continue to kill and maim those under her employ.  However, the appearance of the Machine Intelligence is definitely jeopardizing her current plans.  Her minions aren't real strong warriors, and are currently getting slaughtered in combat with the demonic robots currently engaging them in combat.  She is getting concerned that she may have to leave and sacrafice the nice operation she has going.  But if she has to run to survive, she will.  The other Death Weavers would love to see her perish, but they know that probably won't happen.