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  Central Java
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Central Java is the home of the Alliance, a group of transdimensional champions who are dedicated to stopping and hopefully destroying Dltni.  This group is composed of humans, Titans, True Atlanteans, Azverkian, Sowki, Dragons, Kilin, and Angels.   They are situated in Central Java to keep Dltni from consuming the whole island.  Currently, they have no knowledge of Sen or Loro Kidul, who are waging their own battles against Dltni on different parts of the island. 

The Alliance is centered around a powerful ley line nexus, marked by the temple set up at Borobudur.  This ley line nexus had been noticed by the Buddhists in pre-Rifts times and the temple that was there was rebuilt by the True Atlanteans to fight Dltni.  So far, the Alliance has just kept the Machine Intelligence at bay, but haven't been successful in driving him back.

Central Java has more towns than other parts of Java.   Most towns are small with less than 3000 humans and d-bees, and the level of technology is low, with magic and animism very prevalent in the life of those who remain.   Most people lead simple lives of survival, farming and raising families, while praying to the spirits of the land to help protect them.  Dukun and Spirit Casters, along with the Spirit Psychics, protect most of the people in these villiages from monsters and demons, and those would plunder them for their possessions. 

The people of Central Java, by remaining true to the spirits of the land, have survived thanks to the intervention of the spirits.  Guardian spirits, animal spirits, and locale spirits are all very common since the eruption of the Rifts, and those who show respect will be rewarded.  However, the spirits show animosity and hatred to those who defoil the land, thus they view Dltni as the ultimate example of a defiler of the Earth.  They will help to the best of their ability those who oppose this abomination of life.

Most of the indigineous animals managed to survive, although few of them prosper.  Caught in the crossfire, many of them are once again endangered.  The old preserves of land have since grown over or been ignored and most plant life is returned to it's natural areas of growth.

One non-allied group that must be mentioned are the weretigers.   These beings are waging their own war against Dltni, but not in conjunction with the Alliance.   In fact, they will attack the Alliance if they try to cooperate or ally with them, so they have wisely left the werebeasts alone, in hopes that they will eventually come over to their side.  The locals view the weretigers as a mixed blessing, for while they are currently fighting a greater enemy in the Machine Intelligence, if that being is defeated, the weretigers will likely attack the only remaining target, the humans living on the island.  Thus, the people there are ever vigilant of the weretigers and view them with the utmost in caution and trepedation.