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Plans for the Future


Ley Lines of Bali

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Bali in the days before the coming of the Rifts, was well known for it's many Buddhist temples and the spiritual qualities that permeated the island.  The island itself was very small, and a large portion of it was engulfed by the rising water table.  However, the island itself managed to survive, although much smaller. 

All life was wiped off of the island.  Huge tsunami's slammed into the island and washed over it, destroying all life and also removing the old markers used by the ancients to mark the ley lines and ley line nexuses on this magic-rich island.

However, the magic rich nature of this island wouldn't be long forgotten.  About 10 years ago, the Leferin discovered this island and decided it would be ideal for their needs.  Since that time, they have terraformed the island and are using it for a very disturbing motive (see Plans for the Future for details on the future of this island).